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Timothy Mason : POET

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To be an Artist
requires commitment
deeper than words
and deeds
it is not a superficial
calling to romance
a tragic aspiration
harkening to the
creative impulse
we all express by thinking

Art beckons the soul
Before, after and beyond
all else
requires no validation
from the living
who have their
own shit to deal with
asks nothing of the dead
who deserve the rest

Art beats its own drum
for the deaf
who feel the beat
invites you to dress
for the blind
who appreciate the sound
of fine threads

Art carries on
at parties
thanks the hostess
for her kindness
pisses in her driveway
only when it rains
whispers to capitalists
enough is cool
to much sucks

Art is simple
in all its equations

To be an Artist
requires you
to paint in poetry
to speak in hues
subtly evoking in nuance
the concept
that animates
still life
elucidating the divine
to a Christian

Art asks nothing
seeks everything
requires your life

To be an Artist is easy