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Tax Day is coming…. (You’d think we’d get it off)

Let’s try Fiscal Democracy

I don’t mind paying to support my community. I love my neighborhood and my country, (even the parts of it where they talk funny.)

Though I don’t always see eye to eye with law enforcement I am thankful there are guys with badges and guns who are willing to deal with shit I don’t even want to know about.
(I guess Charlie Daniels was right – “my long hair just can’t cover up my red neck”)

But I can’t help agreeing with Utah Phillips, when referring with those folks sent to D.C. to “represent our interests” asks “who are those assholes?”

In all the decades I can remember not a one of them actually represented me.

So here’s the deal. When writing out that tax check, or saying goodbye to the part that isn’t coming back, we get to tell them how to spend it.

Earmarks for the people! Simple.

We each get to say that for every dollar we contribute to support our common cause this percentage goes to education, that percentage to defense, and this to entitlements and so on.

Let government lobby us.

That’s democracy, let’s practice what we preach.