utah stone wall

Timothy Mason : POET

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play Worm

Hiding in the sludge
we make our way
Through tunnels unseen
to visions unseen by human eyes

Moving earth through our bodies
we swim through soil
making currents around the stones
excreting to nourish roots
We give our sweat and scent
to bring nutriments to the seeds
that break the topsoil
bringing us communion with the sky.

It is this simple thing we do
that matters to the trees
that breathe oxygen
to a suffocating orb of rock and ozone
whose seismic gyrations erupt,
flipping the script on mammals
whose brains delude them to the fantasy of importance.

We do not brag nor aggrandize
and we will never boast.
We eat earth,
let our egos grow into separate beings
dividing when it gets big enough
to have its own opinion.
This is how we breed.
Blessing and releasing ourselves

When the going gets extreme
We begin again
To feed the trees
In the slow exhale
Of being Alive.