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Timothy Mason : POET

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For Blair Powell November 2006

Walking Hawk walks no more
for the other day he took wing
and soared
finding secret places
that spirits know
Walking Hawk took wing
and soared!

Then from the four directions,
each corner of the land
his friends took pause
to pray,
to praise,
to understand

A new beginning
for this kind and gentle warrior
who walked with us,
so that we could keep up,
encouraging us, always,
to begin to heal

Now Walking Hawk walks no more
the other day he took wing
he now soars
above enchanted lands
where another tree takes root.

The spirit world grows stronger still
Yet we silly mortals retain a certain CALM
to begin to heal
each time the hawk
takes sky

Hoka Hey
Hold fast my brother, there is more
Hoka Hey