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Timothy Mason : POET

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play Too Much Truth

It is April 1995
I can’t finish my morning coffee.
There is too much pain in the papers today.
From Tokyo to Oklahoma City it is being made clear
not even babies are safe from those who know the truth,
striking blindly from their certainty
they insist the world take sides
insist there is only one way, their way.

From Sarajevo to Kigali, it’s find a difference
then wield it, like a club, like a machete, like an uzi
to purify a bloody way of life.

There is no sanctity in sameness,
that kind of inbreeding spawns masses of idiots
with feudal geniuses to lead them.

Here in the land of the free,
the rabid right replies aim for the head
retorts no twice in the bulletproof vest then aim for the groin
this war is for the heart and soul of the party
we don’t have time for tears for babies
living, dead or vaporized
but we’ll kill for the cause of the fetus.

There is too much pain in the world today.

Too much anger,
to much truth making no sense at all.

And too many children needing so few hugs
needing a difference made of little gestures
kneeling to look them in the eyes
speaking to them.
It does both souls good,
the little one feels big
the big one remembers
it is the heart that matters

There is too much truth in the world today.