utah stone wall

Timothy Mason : POET

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I spin my web in corners
dusty, out of the way,
overlooked places
where nourishment comes to me
on errant wing.
I keep secrets
quiet, vigilant,
out of the way
I hang out on my eight legs
ready to move at a moments notice
but at my best in stillness
when truth takes an errant wing
and my eighth leg flips a web
that twangs and adheres
to a nourishing secret
best held till ripe
I spin in corners,
in overlooked places
between lapses in judgment
I keep the space clear
gathering dust and mites
and other airborne annoyances
I hold my venom close
for it is rarely needed
and only in small doses.
From where I sit it is best to keep secrets,
to be secret
to bide my time
more comes to those who
unnoticed and aware
weave a wider web.

Here in the house of humans
lapses in judgment
and overlooked places
are many
and out of the way of women with brooms.
There is plenty of room
to work in tandem with their cleansing strokes
Plenty of room for the eighth leg to stir
Plenty of nourishing secrets aroused
as the tables are turned
and bed linens changed
in the house of man
Plenty of nuances to flavor the secrets
of truths caught in the act of a moment
on errant wing
Plenty the walls have seen
Plenty the tales
could tell