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Timothy Mason : POET

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play Old Hippies Piss Me Off

Old Hippies piss me off
talking about revolution like it was over,
like battles that were won, stayed won
You’d think safe sex was as much fun as free love,
that free love don’t work with condoms
that affirmative action assured human rights
that Jerry Rubin is truly enlightened

Old Hippies piss me off
toeing the line like somebody finally taught them to behave
dropping out to bliss in the sixties
dropping into the nineties comfort zone
of Prozac, memory and cable TV
digging out their vinyl for flashbacks of Woodstock and Hair
“Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end”

Old Hippies piss me off
acting like there’d ever been old hippies before
forgetting that freedom means we make it up as we go along

Old Hippies piss me off
going gray
while old Yippies
go for tenure
the antics of their youth
inspiring me to encourage college students

Old Hippies piss me off
Leaving the flag on the seat of their jeans,
letting liberal become a dirty word
not honoring the anti-war veterans of their youth
forgetting that peace and freedom belong in the streets!

Old Hippies piss me off!