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Timothy Mason : POET

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Look deep into your own heart
Look deeper then into your soul
search the very bedrock of your being
ask yourself but one question.

Peer into your dark quarters
examine those things
about which you do not want to know

grapple with your demons and your doubts
find that deep and holy place within from where
all the warmth of your being emanates

immerse yourself in the rhythms of breath
allow them to inform your senses
and know yes the question is answered

know again that this profound knowing guides your step
as you stand in the whirring, buzzing morass of contradiction and complexity that we all live each moment of our lives in.

Trust what you do not have words for
as you face your fears
one by one
calling them
into the light

meeting them,
feet apart,
arms by your sides,
palms open.

As they glare at you and throw their punch.

Allow the blow to remind you that they too are real
then not making a fist
forgive your fear
leave it free to find its own path on the planet

It is this way with Peace
both inner and outer

you retain your fragile control
in a world that is out of your control

you face your foe with open arms,
when need be absorb the blow,
and wish a place in heaven
to wait patiently for your adversary
as they enjoy a long and fruitful life.

Refuse to name an enemy.

Let your grudges
walk away with your fears.

It is this way with Peace.

It can only be done completely.