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Timothy Mason : POET

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play Out Loud

Jesus is my role model for speaking the truth out loud
Jesus, nailed to a cross
for hanging out with deviants
for fermenting revolution
for fucking with the spiritual underpinnings of the new world order
before BC realized it was AD
well before ACDC was a concept
that could entertain the masses in stadium concerts
that paved the way for KISS and Dennis Rodman
to wrap the idea of identity
around the lamppost Tom Waits puked on

Communion with the divine is socially unacceptable
Crucifixion is the reward for touching God
only three blows nail the hand to the 4 X 4
loud and clear, you’ve got to have faith
that your god is God
only one hand and two feet to go
you gotta have faith

That kind of craziness makes sense when the shit really hits the fan
and business and politics go to bed in the killing fields of purity

Folk music ain’t rock and roll
but when Dylan plugged in
some institutions moved

Power is ephemeral
and speaking the truth out loud
hints at what is heard when the tide rolls in
and pondering insignificance
you realize it is out of your control
and say
Celebrate the Temporary
Dinky Dau
we carry on
at least crucifixion draws a crowd

This is life baby
you can take more fame than Andy Warhol would allow
when Art and Reality meet
it is prettier than making sausages
and though both nourish
neither draws a paying crowd

So I think this shit over and realize
Projections and Flashbacks
are kind of the same thing

Staying power applies to more than your deodorant

Watching a five year old grow puts you in the hour again
and Fuck moments
I want an hour to be
a long time.