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Timothy Mason : POET

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I started living on borrowed time as a teenager,
not looking back, never figuring interest,
didn’t think beyond next week,
didn’t plan beyond tomorrow
Celebrate the Temporary
and Inhale Damn it
In Hale

Thought I’d be lucky to live as long as Jesus
33 that’s ripe, 40 old, 50 ancient
beyond that forget about it
It was all about now
Living loud and true from the heart
trusting mind and soul and body would follow.

Months pass like week,
weeks like days,
days like hours,
years like months,
but who’s counting

Now I’ve borrowed more time than I had in the first place
Looking to 50 as young, 60 as spry,
70 wondering who’s collecting interest on my account.
To late to turn back now
Living loud and true from the heart seems to work
Body and Soul and Mind do follow
Regale in retrospect
Celebrate the Temporary
Memories and Moments
are both ripe and succulent
Do them well,
They do you good
Decades pass like minutes
Inhale Damn it
In Hale !